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Morning Tea: Warning the good news in this post has nothing to do with Geico!

Praise The Lord and Good Morning!

To every formed weapon and to the enemy of my soul beware, your time is coming. The Lord, Himself has declared that not only is He the Alpha and Omega, the God Who is and was, He is “The God About To Arrive.” He is “Sovereign-Strong.”

It seems like I’ve been under attack lately and I know it's because the enemy knows that his time is running out like a lapsing insurance policy. The enemy knows he won’t win the war, so he’ll take as many casualties as he can get. As a believer, I can rest assured in knowing that membership in the body of Christ has it's privileges. Membership provides me with full coverage life and property insurance against any attempt the evil one makes to steal, kill or destroy me.

I abide in Him who has overcome the world. With Jesus as my full coverage provider, I can assuredly look the enemy in the face with confidence and declare victory. Where the evil one's time is coming to an end, my God is about to arrive! My insurance policy is maturing and I am soon to reap the full face value of the abundance for which Christ came. Selah

Scripture References: Revelation 1:8 (MSG), John 16:33 (AMP), John 10:10-12 (KJV)

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