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Morning Tea

Groomed for Success!

Suppose with me if you will, that the Kingdom of God is a major corporation and you are a recent new hire for an entry level position.  

Upon your acceptance of the offer to be employed by the Kingdom you are promoted to COO of your division and there is no probation period.  You are also immediately eligible for the premium benefit (life insurance, health insurance, retirement, etc.) package at no extra cost. 

In addition to your benefits, you are given on the job training by the CEO of the corporation daily. That’s right, as a hand picked laborer, God Himself will personally groom and prepare you for the work He has assigned for you to do. 

In your new position, you will be given a complete and thorough instruction manual. You will be given your own personal concierge and your direct supervisor is the CEO’s only Son. 

This Supervisor is an exemplary role model and a jewel to work with in that He’s worked every position in the company from the ground up. He understands that you will make mistakes. He doesn’t micromanage. He gives you room to grow.  He’s a great listener and an excellent problem solver. 

There are times your job won’t be easy. You will encounter roadblocks and obstacles. There will be times you are sabotaged but don’t give up. As long as you keep the lines of communication open and remain committed, all of those things will eventually work out for your good and lead to promotion. 

There are times you will be rewarded and promoted because of your loyalty and dedication and at other times you’ll receive favor because the CEO is just so loving and generous.  

Your offer is on the table. Don’t wait to long to accept it as it won’t always be available. 


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